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Home and Kitchen Appliances. Buy Your Home And Kitchenware with Silhouette.

We believe that the kitchen is the heart of your home. We have everything you need to make it skip a beat.

You’ll love our collection of small appliances that make up the essentials of every kitchen.
From kettles & toasters for a energetic breakfast, to preparation tools like mincers and grinders, juicers and mixers and all their attachments and accessories.

Whichever meal you’re making, we have the best tools for the job. We got a stylish selection of microwaves & cookers – all very functunal with great design – every product will blend in seamlessly with your kitchen designs.
From classic whites to polished stainless steel, you will love our designs.

Additionally, we offer a variety of household appliances that will help you make your household a home. Get our vacuum cleaners and floor care ranges to give your home the Tender-Love and Care it deserves.