Our Story

Ever since its introduction, our lifestyle products have been related with practical, elegant designed products at a reasonable price.

The founder and designer, Alex L. Stepina started her first design line in 2010 after some disappointing shopping experiences in Germany.

Alex`s design philosophy is to create products that become useful utility items not just for special occasions but for the everyday life. She wants all products to become an integral part of a more beautiful and meaningful everyday life. This demands great design and great quality at a competitive price.

Now, Silhouette lifestyle products can be found in homes all over Europe. If you have any questions about our products, you are always welcome to get in touch.

alex luydmilla stepina founder designer of the brand silhoutte lifestyle


“My collection of fashion and lifestyle products are inspired by my love for French fashion. Still, my focus is to create practical things, which can be used every day in a busy family household.

My motivation is to create beautiful products, but not to overprice these products. My customers should enjoy buying these products and will love it every day.

I started my design lines after some disappointing searches for fashion and home accessories for me and my family…there were nice product but way to expensive and other cheaper, ordinary products were at unacceptable quality….”

Alex L. Stepina is the founder of this great line of products. All products reflect her truly cosmopolitan lifestyle and her love for French fashion and design. Alex is American, grew up in Russia and lives now with her husband and her two children in Europe.

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